School Hours and Attendance

Office Hours

Office hours are from 8.45a.m. until 3.30p.m. , however on Wednesday mornings there is a whole school staff meeting from 8.30a.m. – 9.15a.m. The office is unattended during this period.

Hours and Punctuality

Class hours are 9.15am – 3.15pm.

Playground supervision commences at 8.45a.m.

Students are encouraged to arrive at school between 9.00 and 9.15am.

On occasions, students may arrive at school after 9.15. When these situations arise, parents or carers and students are requested to report to the office and sign the Late Arrivals Book and obtain a pink, late arrival slip before students go to their classroom.

It is necessary to supply a written explanation for a student’s absence. Copy of the absentee note

If students need to be out of school during school hours for any reason parents need to report to the office to obtain a yellow, Early Departure slip before going to the classroom to collect the student.

In an emergency, if parents are late, students should be directed to wait in the office area.

Parents may apply to the Principal for an Extended Leave – Travel form. This needs to be completed by the parent and returned to the school office prior to the student taking leave. The Principal will determine whether leave can be granted, and if granted, a Certificate of Extended Leave – Travel will be sent home. If not granted the Principal will send a letter informing the parent of the reasons – Application for Extended Leave – Travel

Click on the link for the Department of Education’s Compulsory Attendance at School information for parents.