With an enrolment of 484 students, Ryde East Public School aims to:

  • Develop in students a pursuit of personal excellence through a love of learning, high self esteem and a positive set of values.
  • Provide a quality curriculum that is relevant, challenging and addresses the needs and talents of all students while effectively implementing the Department of Education requirements.
  • Support and maintain effective parent, student and community participation and pride in our school.

The School Motto - Straight Forward, suggests that a student should progress in a positive manner to a happy and productive future.

The School Colours - are gold and black and are incorporated in the uniform and sports gear.

The School Code - Consideration, Respect, Responsibility

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Ryde East Public School.

We are very proud of our school!
Ryde East has developed, over the years, a sound tradition of pronounced academic, sporting, cultural and social achievement. We are an environmentally aware school with attractively landscaped surroundings containing modern and relevant educational facilities.
We support a close relationship between the school and community and actively encourage you to participate in this relationship by visiting the school, joining in our activities and taking an active interest in your child’s education. Effective communication opportunities are a vital part of our relationship. Please contact the school for an appointment if you ever wish to discuss matters relating to your child’s educational needs with either myself or staff.
Finally, it is our wish that you and your family will enjoy many positive, rewarding and enriching years with us at Ryde East Public School.

Jane Imer